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Your Views: Government does not manage health care well
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I beg to differ with the letter written that "Medicare proves U.S. can manage heath care well." Medicare billing used to be the guaranteed fiscal foundation for medical providers. With dropping premiums and slow payments, medical providers are not happy with Medicare. Some are even refusing new Medicare patients.

After being threatened with co-pays of $160-230 PLUS required Part D Medicine plan for $30 that my patients’ rarely use, we switched to a PPO (pay as you go co-pay) that include the Part D drug plan from a private insurance company. The savings have been incredible.

Look at the Veterans Administration’s health care system. It is again being reorganized for more efficiency. Meanwhile, it has had a history of scandals of unlicensed medical doctors being used; major losses of personal information; insufficient training so 120 veterans recently got HIV from unsterilized equipment, and long and frustrating responsiveness to getting services for eligible veterans.

Many of our returning soldiers are still fighting for necessary services. All referrals to the VA hospital most go through local office providers first. Our last visit was three hours to get that referral written, then over a month for an appointment. Did you also know that services provided on government land, such as the VA hospitals, are not subject to medical lawsuits?

Do not confuse medical insurance with medical access. I do not know of one uninsured person that does not have medical access through free and low cost clinics and emergency rooms.

When such an unpopular issue is continuing to being pushed through, you have to ask "who" will profit if such a bill is passed? More contracted health care companies to manage the government services? Follow the campaign money trail.

Lyuri Hardishek
Flowery Branch

The country we love is under attack from within
I write in regard to what I believe is of great concern to our way of life. It is my fear that we have put in place an administration in Washington that I perceive as the most dangerous ever to be elected to office.

Our president, during a debate with John McCain, made the statement "you can judge me by the company I surround myself with." Since taking office, President Barack Obama has appointed 37 czars to oversee every area of our lives and existence in America. Under closer inspection, each one has questionable beliefs over what they stand for. All are radicals in where they want to take our nation.

President Obama campaigned on "change." He did and still does advocate "fundamental changes" in how we live and what this nation stands for.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think our country is pretty great as things are now. We’ve got serious issues that need to be addressed, but "trashing the Constitution" and the intent of it is totally wrong.

Sadly, I feel that the Democratic Party has brought into this concept of complete government control of everything and our Republican Party has done little or nothing to try to protect our rights. Twice, I’ve written to my congressman about my concerns, and so far I’ve received no response, just silence.

McCain campaigned like a man who had no desire to win. I’m deeply ashamed of him and others we, in good faith, voted into office to protect our rights.

If we don’t begin to act fast, we may wake up to the reality one morning that we no longer have the God-given rights that we presently enjoy.

Mickey Montgomery

Americans gathered in DC to support our Constitution
Last week, the president addressed Congress and the nation. On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of Americans responded, including many from Hall County.

While we were in Washington, we saw many Americans taking an outspoken stand on public policy for the first time in their lives.

We saw whites and blacks, moms and dads, and kids and couples urging the government to live within its means like we all have to.

We saw truck drivers and salesmen discussing "enumerated powers" more than the pennant race and the wisdom of the Constitution more than college football.

We saw perfect strangers approaching one another to give encouragement, optimism and determination to keep our representatives accountable.

We saw patriotism more than politics, tears at the national anthem and class instead of class-envy.

And we saw memorials and statues. They were breath-taking and inspiring. Those heros of the past would have been proud of these Americans making their voices heard to preserve the greatest nation on earth.

Jean and David Smith
Flowery Branch