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Your Views: Give us fresh faces, not the same old political pros
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Why does Joan King seem so bitter and jealous? She is entitled to her opinions, just like the rest of us, but has she ever run for dogcatcher of Sautee and lost?

The idea of continuing to promote the long-term professional politicians who have been in positions of influence, and obviously did not prevent the mess the U.S. now endures, must come from at least a partial lobotomy. Does Joan also like the prospects of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, John Lewis and Cynthia McKinney being placed in our U.S. government's high positions? Wow!

We need new refreshing faces in Washington if there will ever be change toward corrections. Sarah Palin will be a good beginning. Our forefathers (George Washington, etc.) did not have much experience, either.

And by the way, Harry Truman pushed that "button" that ended World War II.

Clarence Huhman

Clermont Days festival was a winner
My wife and I are festival fanatics. Every year we try to attend as many as we can.

This year, the Chattahoochee Mountain Fair in Clarkesville was axed from our list. This past weekend, we visited four festivals. Of the four, we voted the Clermont Days Festival No. 1. It's all about what a festival should be. Congratulations to the organizers of this event!

Wesley Mote