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Your views: Development shows that Hall County's sense of place is being lost
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In a recent online interview with The Times, developer Eric Masaschi described the new Thompson Creek development in South Hall as "placemaking."

To me, this is instead another example of how quickly Hall County, as a whole, is losing any sense of "place." Do we really need five-story hotels and parking decks in the middle of residential developments, as Thompson Creek touts?

Or, more interestingly, what use do a Victoria’s Secret and Banana Republic have across the street from a retirement development in the first place? The last time I checked, I’ve hardly seen any retirees shopping at lingerie stores.

It seems that if our county commissioners have the common good of the county in mind rather than simple economic gain, they would consider a bit more common sense when approving new developments.

The near panic over the water crisis that we’ve seen in the last six months should be motivation enough. It’s the same lack of logic in planning that got us into this mess in the first place.

Wally Smith



‘Unfortunate’ nations may not work together

In response to a letter on Friday, I agree we should feel pity for the "unfortunate" in many countries. By that I mean those caught up in the many civil wars that they do not support and those who truly have no opportunity to succeed in life. The U.S. has done much to try to help such people, and we should continue.

Despite our problems, we work together better in this country than any other, and with such a diverse population. This is not the case in many countries around the world, and especially where strong Muslim elements are present. Countries such as Iraq seem to prefer killing each other over small religious differences rather than work together. The intolerance of others has led to genocide and starvation in many countries.

As a history professor friend of mine reminded me, Muslim countries would likely vote in a totalitarian theocracy given the chance for democracy. And that is not "unfortunate."

David Long