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Your Views: Democrats have accomplished more than GOP leaders
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I just finished reading the letter from Saturday, "Obama feeds ego as GOP protects freedom."

I beg to differ. The writer of that article has only lived in this country for 14 years; most of that time we have had a Republican president. We need to look back a bit further.

When Bill Clinton left office, we had no national debt. Now, however, we as a nation are so far in debt I don't see how we can ever pull out.

Let's go back further. Jack Kennedy was all for the American people. Harry Truman said "the buck stops here" and how about Franklin D Roosevelt? Just look at what he did for the American people? As a Democrat, he started Social Security, brought our country out of a devastating depression and worked so hard for the people. Go look at all the agencies and jobs he created to help our people and our nation crawl out of the depths of poverty and become a world leader again. Go down to Warm Springs, home of his Little White House. The people of Warm Springs alone are still benefitting from his having been there. Go look.

Our current Republican president, on the other hand, has become more of an embarrassment and has allowed jobs to be outsourced to other countries so we can hardly even find a product made in America any longer. Jobs that used to belong to U.S. now belong to everybody but us, putting our people out of work.

We need a change. We need Obama and Biden. We don't need more of the same, or God forbid, we don't need to go backward.

Nancy Fahey

Anti-war crowd can't be called patriots
The anti-war and anti-defense pacifists should not be called "patriots."

All of those people that claim to know more than our intelligence organizations know about our enemies and how to deal with them should be called anarchist and fanatics, not patriots.

They are inviting dictators to take away all of our freedoms. Let's hope that their philosophy is never put into practice.

Jimmy David Haynie