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Your Views: County should use extra funds for law, fire officers
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After reading the article regarding Jim Shuler's pay, I was surprised Hall County had such an excess of funds. As a Hall County resident, I can think of many other places those funds would be better served.

The last time the sheriff's office asked for a 5 percent raise, it received 1 percent while its insurance costs were raised more than 4 percent. I would like to see how Shuler's pay and benefits compare to that of law enforcement and firefighters.

To quote Commissioner Billy Powell, "I think it's up to us (commissioners) to do what is necessary to get the best person in that job." It's time the commissioners do what is necessary for the residents of Hall County and spend some of this money to raise the salaries of those who deserve it. They truly warrant every penny they get.

If they don't, I think law enforcement and the voters need to focus on a different band of crooks.

Joseph Preston

Why give free meals to inmates, not students?
Here's a thought: How come a prisoner can get three square meals a day, with no cost to themselves, but not all public school students can get a free lunch?

Does this seem a little backward to be rewarding someone who has done the country wrong and yet, in a financial way, burden those who are to be our future? Should it not be the other way around?

Maybe one of our candidates running for office should take this question up for consideration in the upcoming election.

George Reece

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