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Your Views: Conservatives ideas will keep us as a republic
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I read that conservatives should offer ideas, not just criticism with disbelief. Why?

Well, President Barack Obama has been in office less than 60 days and he has made a great effort to define his initiatives to the American Public as quickly as possible. We have seen his agenda regarding stimulus spending, budget proposal, health care, financial markets, personal privacy and right to life, as well as stem cell research.

The writer desires for people to express their opposition to Obama's proposals in gentle terms as to not upset those that "walk upright." It seems that the tone is really his problem.

It may help if I explain why the conservative are so belligerent at this time and what we do believe.

Many conservatives hoped that by bestowing our beliefs with the Republican Party we could demonstrate what happens when freedom is allowed to flourish in the country. Unfortunately, that hope has failed to materialize through the leadership of the party. Thus, we have offered a lack of support at the polls during the last two elections.

The writer states that conservatives believe in "smaller" government. On the contrary, conservatives believe in "limited" government. We understand that government is always necessary and must not be so small as to not be able to protect our rights.

Conservatives do not believe in a left or right wing. We believe that any political party or any form of government can be placed on a sliding scale that describes the amount of government involvement that the public allows. Consider no government (anarchy) on one side and total government control (monarchy) on the other side.

We believe that as a republic, the amount of government involved in our lives must remain limited. Otherwise, we turn into a democracy, and as history has shown, we, too, will eventually fail.

It just so happens that conservatives believe that President Obama's government expansion all move this country toward the side of the scale that has more government involvement. Conservatives do not wish to see that occur.

We do not want to see President Obama's agenda succeed. In other words, we wish to see him fail at installing his government expansion agenda.

I regret that the tone of our argument has upset the writer and "those who walk upright." But, it is important to remember that the unfriendly siren that awakens you in the middle of the night may be alerting you to a tornado about to hit your house.

Joe Schuebert

Leadership is dividing nation by ignoring the little man
The inmates, Democrats, are now running the asylum. The barbarians have breached the walls of security and trust and are now engrossed in dividing the spoils of their plunder and using it to pay off their political debts.

It is terrifying to see the reckless way these clowns toss around billions. However, when you are spending other people's money, why be concerned. If the rest of President Obama's term is like his first 50 days, we are headed for the worst train wreck in our nation's history.

Mr. Obama says, "I did not create this problem, I inherited it." Really. You may have inherited it, but you also begged to assume it, i.e., you applied for the job for two years nonstop. If it is too hot, then get out of the kitchen.

Another suggestion I would make is to quit campaigning and get to work. Quit speaking at "love-ins." There are 59 million of us who don't think you are so great. We would like for you to at least acknowledge we are still citizens.

As I recall, Mr. Obama portrayed himself as a "wannabe," the great unifier, but it seems he is working overtime to be the great poverty maker and divider. If he would listen closely, he would find out how much wealth the "little man" he vowed to help has lost since he started steering the ship. He maintains "I get it," but we are the ones who are getting it, the shaft.

I believe Obama's team has taken its eyes off the ball when it comes to the Islamic threat. Seems they are more concerned about prosecuting our military for possible torture and destroying Bush than containing those who have sworn to kill us; more concerned about taking our guns that prosecuting child molesters; more concerned about the rights of terrorists than the right to life.

Now, Mr. Obama, with the casual stroke of his pen, has opened a Pandora's box of human embryo stem cell research, which will lead to unimaginable consequences. Another action indicative of his arrogant disregard for the sanctity of life.

As I watch the "Stick it to the Taxpayer" bill unfold and see the various black holes they are stuffing money in, I am more than deeply disturbed. How will giving billions to Planned Parenthood, ACORN or Endowment for the Arts stimulate the economy? Do the taxpayers need to be paying for more fecal art? Why should we have to finance more voter fraud?

As we watch Congress and Obama's financial wizards throw billions to the wind, it seems they were able to throw some their way. Congress thinks it's doing such a great job that it was justified in giving itself an automatic pay raise, benefits to boot. (In your face all you folks who don't have jobs or plush medical coverage.)

In the meantime, Nancy Pelosi is throwing her political weight around because she needs a bigger jet. CEOs take note of what the preacher does, not what she says. Where is the land I love headed with this kind of leaderless ship? I have trouble sleeping.

Gary Gambrell