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Your Views: Congress alters sunrise, but a sunset awaits us
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I am writing this letter to express my amazement with President Bush's ability to manipulate the natural elements. So far G.W. has been blamed for global warming, the New Orleans killer hurricane, the devastating tornadoes in the South and Midwest, the record smashing midwinter snowstorms, most likely he will get the credit for the flooding caused by the spring thaws, and would you believe even a tsunami!

While President Bush may have the ability to perform miraculous signs and wonders, his power is a drop in the bucket compared to that of the idiots in Congress. Not only are these elected officials slowly destroying the God-fearing awe of the people of the United States, on March 9 they performed a miracle of Biblical proportions.

Not since the days of Joshua has the sun and moon hearkened to the command of mortal man. However, our governmental officials decreed that on March 9, the sun would rise an hour later than normal and it was so. According to the 2008 Grier's Almanac, not only has the time of the rising and setting of the sun changed, but the times of the moon and tides have as well. If our government has this kind of power over the elements, I see no reason why everyone in the U.S. can't have 40 acres and a mule, or at least a pot and a window.

All you people who are complaining about not being able to sleep because of the time change, take heart: Wait until after the November election. If things continue to progress at their present rate, you may be able to catch up on your sleep in the unemployment line, or possibly a soup line. Many will most likely use their sleepless nights for prayer and supplication.

According to nature, my three score and 10 years will be up in June. So far, I have been able to go everywhere I wanted to go and do everything I wanted to do. I have seen the best of times and the worst of times. I have enjoyed the best this country has had to offer and avoided most of the bad.

I sincerely feel sorry for all the young people who will never experience the true freedoms my generation bought and paid for. May the wind never be at your back! This way you will have to continually tack and work hard in order to get where you are going.

William P. Clark
Flowery Branch