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Your Views: Compromise on library wont benefit anyone
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Regarding Wednesday's story about a library compromise, the only people looking for compromise on this issue are our commissioners — with each other!

Can't you just hear the patting of backs reverberating at that recent meeting? Creating a tech lab and a theater (huh?) at a sports park to fill the "empty space" in a building that doesn't even exist is a ridiculous waste of resources and time.

Oh yes, let's put something, anything, in that so-called space, so that "everyone wins." except the long-suffering taxpayers and library patrons. I think it will be a cold day in Miami before taxpayers even consider voting in another SPLOST.

Computers are indeed popular in area libraries. They are accessed by senior citizens, stay-at-home moms with kids, book worms, school students, and others who are savvy onliners and research explorers — often to the accompaniment of books, newspapers, and other journals. All information available to us in one comfortable place.

Schools have long had their own computer labs for learning technologies, and many even have extras right in the classrooms for students to access. Separating this important tool for research from the written word is just plain silly.

Can you see yourself trying to find your written material in a small library, then driving to the sports complex, trying to find parking on busy game days, then cooling your heels while waiting for a computer?

This is yet another waste of resources and time, and this time that's on us forever if this feel-good decision goes through.

Hall County Commissioners, are you listening to us? Pick ONE place, build us our full-service library as promised and move on to other things. The SPLOST money was not targeted for a "modest" library simply serving the needs of Clermont.

All North Hall residents deserve one great library poised for future growth, accommodating our needs in a single location. We're out of patience with all this smack talk!

Lauren Vitek

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