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Your Views: At least give Rand Paul credit for being an honest politician
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Whether you agree with his view of the Constitution or not, at least Rand Paul was honest about his. After watching the media denounce him and attack his views, I thought of thanking him for being up front and not hiding his true self as so many politicians do these days. It was refreshing and unlike others in our political world who hide and disguise themselves and their true agendas.

Want to be a Supreme Court justice one day? Better hide your true views and make no decisions or speeches that would enable someone else to object to your nomination. Running for president? Better tell the folks what they want to hear, or you will never get elected to office.

The Paul news coverage reminded me of how extremely intolerant of others ideas and views we have become in today's America. This is hurting us and our ability to trust any political leaders because they hiding who they really are. It is hurting our ability to come up with new American-style solutions to our problems; instead we are copying failed policies from other countries.

We need American solutions to our own problems, and we can't get those solutions unless we have honest and open discussions and share different views and learn from each other. So agree with Paul or not, at least he gave us an opportunity to have a discussion on our current cultural problem of politicians hiding agendas and personal beliefs in order to get elected or the ones who campaign under one set of beliefs and values only to get elected and vote how the party leaders tell them to vote.

At least Rand Paul was honest.

Lynn Everitt