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Your Views: Anglers should observe speed rules on Lake Lanier
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The Department of Natural Resources has a rule that boats are required to slow to idle speed when within 100 feet of docks. Yet most of the bass boats I see troll into the narrow cove near us very slowly, when tracking fish, and then dig out when they leave.

Besides being dangerous to possible swimmers near the docks, the waves take their toll on the docks, and the boats in them.

Wouldn't you think that these "kings" of the lake would wish to do what's best for the lake?

Bob Zumwalt

Why so much focus on use of Teleprompter?
There are thousands of people in our country who will not have a bed to sleep in tonight, nor a meal to eat. There are people in our own town who have lost their jobs and their homes.

There are Americans still being killed on foreign soil and those who will have to live with their injuries for the rest of their lives. Yet, you have a letter writer on May 27 complaining because our president uses a Teleprompter.

Is this how petty we have become or would we be a better county without the dreaded Teleprompter?

Johnny V. Crumley

Attacks on Supreme Court nominee are out of bounds
In all my years of observing politics, I have never seen such vicious and hateful attacks by either Democrats or Republicans.

To call Sonia Sotomayor a racist is beyond the pale. I thought the Republicans always said that these people need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and join us. This is exactly what Sonia Sotomayor has done.

Stop the hate already. Enough! Confirm this fine women and pick your battles elsewhere.

Mike Gelman
Flowery Branch

Martin Institute story brings back fond school memories
Thanks for the article on the Martin Institute (Cooley House) in Jefferson on Sunday. It brought back wonderful memories.

I was a third-grade student in the building in 1943-44 with a historic teacher, Miss Irene Rankin. We loved our room and we loved playing in the woods behind the school at recess and lunch time.

Our school had burned when we were in the first grade and we attended classes in the Baptist Church, Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church, Log Cabin and the Home Economic Building (Cooley Home) for four years. In the sixth grade, we moved into the new Jefferson School building that today is a beautiful and wonderful building.

Franklin Shumake