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Your Views: A lifetime of hard work, right choices leaves me ... what?
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Why me?

I've been in the sales profession for all my adult life. I started working at the age of 14 for L.E. Morris General Merchandise in Lula.

Leland was a fine man, and I grew up with his son, Doug. Later on, I worked for the Sears store in Gainesville. I worked 40 hours a week for Sears and attended UGA full time. That meant that I left Lula at 7 a.m. and went to school until 2 p.m. and went to work at Sears in Gainesville and worked until 9 p.m.

Then I went on dates and returned to Lula and met with Bobby, Jim, Doug, Dwight, Stanley and Terry, to discuss the evening. I can't imagine a better bunch of guys to grow up with.

I say all that to say that I grew up working and paying my way. I am now wondering what I did wrong. I grew up to believe that you paid your bills and lived up to your word.

Now I wonder if that was right. Seems that I missed the gravy train.

I skipped lunch and sacrificed to make house payments. Maybe I should have missed the payments and complained that I didn't understand the terms. Or that I was disadvantaged in some way. But no, I never got those breaks. I worked long hours at minimum wage and paid my bills.

I sort of wish that I could get a break because of the recent stock market crash. I don't think that I will be able to retire at age 62. (I'm about 60).

My county taxes are not going down, even though property values have gone down about 20 percent. Why doesn't the county have to reduce expenses to keep pace?

Seems like everyone keeps spending and nobody thinks that the pain should be evenly distributed. I guess South Hall needs the money.

Now I understand that Congress has passed a bill that will gives $4,500 to people who own gas-guzzlers and trade them in on high mileage vehicles. I guess I missed that one, too.

I've worked long and hard all my life. I feel like that all the breaks are going to the people who didn't make their payments and who own gas-guzzlers.

I hear of conflicts of interest. Why am I not surprised? I think that when I am able to retire that I will move to Costa Rica. I hear that the cost of living is equivalent of the U.S. in the 1950s. And the crooked politicians are in the open. What a refreshing change!

Rick Chapman

Church of fallen soldier thankful for support
On behalf of Timber Ridge Baptist Church, I would like to send a heartfelt "thank you" to the Hall, Banks, Dawson, Habersham, Lumpkin and White county communities, pastors and local Baptist churches and military and law enforcement agencies.

The love and support has been so overwhelming. If it was from your prayers, a donation, placing a flag, participation, cooking a dish or however you lifted the Jenrette family up, you surely are remembered. On behalf of the Timber Ridge Baptist Church family we say "thank you."

Maj. Kevin Michael Jenrette stepped up to the line of battle and served on "the line of grace" for every one of us. By his example, his coming home, the sacrifice he and lovely wife, Shannon, and their three beautiful children have made, as well as his parents, retired Col. Bill Jenrette and Ursula Jenrette, proves Kevin's light will continue to shine throughout our nation. "As we have all come together," as a soldier would do.

This has been an honor to host such a memorable ceremony. We could never do enough for the ultimate sacrifice.

Join us as we continue to pray for the Jenrette and Parker families, as well as all the soldiers and our nation. Because of the sacrifices of our soldiers and their families, for us it truly will be sweeter as the days go by.

God bless each and every one.

Tammy Harrison
Ladies Goodwill Circle, Timber Ridge Baptist Church, Gainesville