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Our Views: Sharing our thankfulness horn o plenty
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It's Thanksgiving Day. We made it to another one. Despite a world full of natural disasters and terrorist attacks, an economy that continues to sputter and an election year that wore out candidates and voters alike, we made it through.

As the year grows old and the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting again not on the troubles we've suffered but on the blessings that have brought us through tough times.

Like all of you, we at The Times find ourselves taking stock of a busy year gone by and the new one to come. Thus, we offer our collective and individual thanks for the following cornucopia of good fortune:

Family and friends, who sustain me throughout the year.

The world's happiest marriage.

My mom. She has supported me in everything I do, and this Thanksgiving we're both blessed to have a job.

The traditional turkey, twice-baked potatoes, pumpkin pie and apple cider. Don't forget the leftovers.

A newly discovered positive outlook on life.

A wonderful family that has supported me through everything and lets me live rent free. Oh, and 24/7 news coverage of the pandas at Zoo Atlanta.

Chilly mornings, warm fires, good coffee and college football on the TV.

The sound of a teenager's car pulling into the driveway — before curfew.

Georgia peanuts, Georgia peaches, Georgia poultry, Georgia pecans and every other type of product that fills our holiday tables that is grown by Georgia farmers on our beloved Georgia soil.

A family who loves me and will provide me with Thanksgiving leftovers, even though I'll be working on the holiday.

After a significant health scare in my immediate family, I'm thankful to still be able to celebrate the holidays with my inner circle still intact.

The blessings of friends and family who are still with us despite a close call in the year past, and those who continue to undergo treatment for their ailments with loving hands to hold throughout their ordeals.

Old friends and new adventures.

A significant other who makes me feel important and accepts me for who I am.

A cold beer, good music, a hot shower and a comfortable bed.

A good dog who is always happy to see me when I come home even after a long day at the office.

The fact that we can have a change in the balance of power in our country without shots being fired or tanks in the streets.

College football, even during a less that satisfying season, and the good friends who are a part of beautiful fall Saturday afternoons.

A job I love.

Life, good friends and the many readers who contact me with comments and thanks for exposing them to new information and making them think, even when they disagree.

That there's plenty of water in Lake Lanier. Next year, I'd like to be thankful that our political leaders actually got together and found a compromise on the tri-state water wars before the judge turns off the taps, because I'm also thankful for a hot shower.

The invention of the remote control so I can easily turn off the political commentators on TV who holler at folks like me simply because we disagree.

Getting together with large extended family at Thanksgiving.

Collectively, we offer thanks for the men and women in our military whose courage under fire throughout the world keeps us safe in our homes this holiday.

That same gratitude goes to the tireless public service officers — police, fire and emergency workers — who are standing by even on a holiday to respond to our needs.

We're equally thankful for hard-working, dedicated teachers and educators who have endured furloughs, budget cuts and salary freezes but continue to put the needs of their students first.

We offer thanks to live and work in a free nation, guarded by the rule of law and the love of country that binds us together despite our many differences. We hope we all can remember that in our public discourse in the year ahead.

And we at The Times are thankful for you, our loyal readers, who give us a reason to share the stories of Northeast Georgia every day.

We offer our sincere hopes for a Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

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