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Your Views: Wheelchair access, theft can be a problem in nursing homes
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Age is just a number. When we are kids we use fractions to define our age: 3 , 9 , 15 . Age is merely a state of mind in those lucky enough to still have their minds.

I had a recent experience with a nursing home/rehab center. Even though the rehab is crammed into a tiny room, they manage to do a superior job of treating individuals.

Ninety percent of the residents pay a premium price, but the owners will not structurally meet wheelchair needs.

Everything is simply too high for wheelchair-bound people, and the owners refuse to alter it to help residents whose families pay $175 per day. Changes need to be made all-around.

The food is good, the place is clean and the medicine given with accuracy. Unfortunately, clothing goes missing from all residents though theft. It is a problem that needs to be addressed by the good staff. As of this writing I had to leave six pieces there when I left Dec. 2.

Susan Richards

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