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Your Views: State officials do little to help those in need
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We should be so ever grateful for our public officials and legislative representatives because of their intelligence, caring about citizens’ health and safety, and giving us more freedoms than we have ever had before.

Yes, the medical marijuana was defeated for the reason that we don’t want health insurance companies covering behavioral therapy for children ages 6 and younger suffering from autism. After all, the insurance companies already have to cover pre-existing conditions so we just don’t want to go overboard requiring them to insure sick children with behavioral disabilities. We have to protect the insurance companies. And those sick kids who have multiple tremors and seizures daily, well, they just need to move to Colorado.

Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act is dead because people living in rural areas of the state after their hospitals go out of business can either go to Atlanta for major health care treatment or stay home and die.

Oh, I forgot — Gov. Deal is going to turn all those rural hospitals into Quick Care treatment centers, for colds and other minor problems, so rural people will not have to go to Atlanta. This is not to mention that UGA and other institutions are prohibited from assisting citizens to sign up under the ACA. We certainly don’t want our educational dollars used to inform people (particularly those with pre-existing conditions) about available health insurance. That would certainly be noneducational.

The legislature is trying to protect public funds by authorizing random drug testing of persons seeking assistance to buy food. In other words, if you don’t pass a drug test, you don’t get food. We do need to protect ourselves from hungry people, some of whom have lifestyles we don’t approve of. Maybe we ought to make them live in the rural areas where they can’t get health care and will die either of illness or hunger, whichever occurs first.

Not only are we protected from the hungry, sick and rural folks, our legislature has prevented the federal government from jumping on health insurance companies by not forcing them to expand coverage for certain sick kids.

Our freedoms have been greatly expanded by our being allowed to carry our guns to churches and schools. Obviously, we need to protect ourselves in these places because now, under the stand your ground law, we can pretty much shoot whoever we want.

I have to admit Bill Coates makes me feel uncomfortable in church at times and I do have a right to stand my ground with him. Now that our city school resource officers are armed with assault weapons, and all of us are free to carry our guns on school grounds, we all ought to feel comfortable that our children are safe as can be.

May God bless our legislators and public officials. May they be continually granted with such abundance of wisdom, good health and safety. I think they will need all these things. Otherwise when they get shot for standing their ground in church or in our schools, they may not be able to get to Atlanta for medical treatment.

Julius Hulsey

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