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Your Views: Religious beliefs should not be ignored to placate some groups
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Whether you or I agree or not, people have a right to their beliefs, unless you oppose the left. The current issue is with the bill in Arizona that Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed.

This controversial bill does not directly discriminate against homosexuals as they would have you believe. Arizona’s bill does not say that businesses can discriminate for religious reasons. It says that business people can assert a claim or defense under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in any kind of case. Discrimination cases are not mentioned, (although they would be included). Businesses have the burden of proving a substantial burden on a sincere religious practice, and that the government or the person suing them has the burden of proof on compelling government interest, and that the state courts in Arizona make the final decision. I do not see the word “homosexual” mentioned.

Brewer was bullied into vetoing the bill by the Democratic left and homosexuals in order to advance the homosexuals’ agenda. These groups do not want religious beliefs to be used to stop anything they want, unless you happen to be Muslim, homosexual or some ethnic group. Any other religious beliefs are null and void.

Brewer will eventually be branded as a criminal conservative Republican. If this had been the Republican right bullying someone whom they disagreed with, they would be branded as racist criminals by the left. All the different groups I mentioned have to do is holler discrimination, “we demand,” or “you are violating my rights” and the right runs scared. Homosexuals in Sodom and Gomorrah did not succeed and neither will they in this country.

The Democrats have three tactics they have used for years with great success to push their agenda. First, they “S,” shift the subject, or the blame; then “I” ignore the facts; and last go to “N,” name-calling. S-I-N ... all with little or no opposition.

Most of the Republican Party in Washington have no guts to oppose and expose the Democratic socialist party for what it is. If you care anything about this country you will make your vote count this year and make the greatest change this country has seen in decades.

The Obama supporters got the change they voted for. It is high time the rest of us get the change this country desperately needs.

Paul S. Barnes
Flowery Branch

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