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Your Views: Red Elephants made us proud, earned a victory parade
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championship football team.

Growing up in Atlanta, I had a mediocre (at best) football program. After moving to Gainesville, I quickly realized the tradition and history associated with the Gainesville Red Elephants football program.

About five years ago, I started attending games and must say that in that time, I may have only missed a handful of games. I always sit in my same “very superstitious” seat five rows down from the press box.

I was at the last state championship game (in 2009) where all of our hearts were broken on the last play of the game, but I knew that sooner or later we would bring home a state championship.

Last Friday was finally that time! That game was one of the most exciting sporting events I have ever attended.

Saturday, I started wondering if the city would be doing a parade for the team, coaches and all that were a part of this year’s team. Each day, I keep looking in The Times looking for an announcement, but so far, nothing.

We should all be so proud of this team that the city and community has been waiting so long for. Let’s give them what they deserve in a celebration for all of the hard work. Go Big Red!

Scott Rutherford

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