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Your Views: Letter on moral differences is embarrassing to Democrats
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Thank you for publishing an opinion by Eugene Elander from Dahlonega in The Times Friday (“Election choice should not be about morality.”) By doing so, you have demonstrated your belief in the First Amendment to our Constitution.
The title of the letter was intriguing, as it led me to think it might contain something regarding a difference in morals between the two major candidates. However, this was not to be. Instead, the letter revealed a confused individual who thought that by voting on the basis of their religious beliefs, others were “... violating our Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

I do not know whether the title was provided by the author or your editor, but it certainly had nothing to do with the subsequent rantings of the author.

Regardless, I think it very informative to the public in general that such letters be published, for they so clearly demonstrate the mindset of some who support the present administration. In all probability, letters such as this one are as embarrassing to the Democratic leadership as they are ridiculous to people of other political views.

The forthcoming election will see voters casting their ballots on the basis of religion, race, economics, personal bias and greed, among other things, but the most important factor should be the good of the country.

For an incumbent, this is best measured by what he has already done rather than what he promises. But for a challenger, the only yardsticks are performance in previous positions and promises. A cold, reasoned analysis is required to choose between the candidates, not an emotional decision based on any one of the above factors.

This election could be a pivotal one for the future of this country, so consider wisely before you vote. But vote, even if there is some inconvenience in doing so.

Byrd Smith

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