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Your Views: GOP behavior will come back to haunt party
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Even with America’s present distractions, problems and challenges, and Republicans’ utter failure on the budget standoff, Republicans cannot be counted on to behave sensibly with the next budget negotiations. There are many things, however, which favor this not happening, the major one being the proximity of next year’s elections.

Considering his present debacles and snafus, President Barack Obama has a long redemptive road. Our troops and their treatment are a major issue and a uniting factor for both sides and for our nation.

I join others in decrying the honoring of our troops at Fenway Park during the World Series, by Fox Sports, part of the Fox Network, as near blasphemy. This corporate conglomerate pushed for the disastrous Iraq invasion and now opposes the funding of our veterans programs needed for their care, hardly respectful or “honoring” behavior. We can take comfort in the growing calls for justice in all areas, for accountability and for the ultimate redemption which can come from that accountability.

Republican calls for accountability on Benghazi will ultimately, no doubt, vindicate the innocent and bring about Republican accountability — for Republicans, by seeking to eliminate Democrats, will bring about their own elimination. For what goes around, comes around.

There is no escaping, and wonderful justice in, divine law. May that divine law begin to show itself now visibly and swiftly in bringing about justice in our government’s deficit battle, in corporate accountability and in the treatment of the men and women who defend America’s freedom.

May God bless our troops, holding them in His love and grace, granting the funds for veterans hospitals and programs which will insure their much-deserved care. May God bless Sen. Elizabeth Warren and those legislators working to bring justice and accountability for corporations, banks and businesses whose wealth has been amassed on the backs of poor and ordinary people. May God bless Pope Francis and all his leaders and his world faith community blessing all who are seeking the advancement of justice, truth, equality, love and brotherhood. May God bless the USA.

Elizabeth Hinesley

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