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Your Views: Friendship Road work is frustrating, even if its a benefit in the long term
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Ah, don’t you just love the sights and sounds of spring? The dew on the ground, the trees and flowers budding, and the fresh morning air? What a way to start your day!

Unfortunately it ends abruptly for me when I come out of my subdivision and onto Friendship Road. Yes, they are finally working near my subdivision. The days of being able to turn left instead of right onto Friendship Road will soon be over as it becomes a limited access highway.

Department of Transportation project managers obviously either have not traveled the stretch of Friendship Road/Lanier Islands Parkway during rush hour or they enjoy promoting road rage. Where we desperately need all lanes, nothing is being done, while they work on the area where they destroyed homes and tore out beautiful trees. They did just enough to make us mad (as my Daddy would say about dessert portions he was given).

I have lived in places where the roads were built so fast that they kept collapsing, so I do appreciate how many times the machines pack the road. But why did they not start the construction at the very busy Interstate 985 intersection and continue to Spouts Springs? Instead, they start a section but do not complete it, then go to another area and start another section. Then down the road they will complete a small section and connect it to the old road, switching traffic back and forth.

It seems that there has been a lot of time and money wasted. In the meantime, three lanes of traffic are forced into one, we have to sit through lights two or three times, people are cutting in line and others are steaming mad at the whole situation.

In spite of all the dust caused by the construction, and the tall, unsightly weeds lining the road, it has been very interesting to watch the progression of what will be a parkway next year, as they lower the new road in some areas and raise it in others. I would hate to be living in those homes whose owners now look out of their front windows and see a berm where there used to be a beautiful wooded area. The road is higher than their windows, so they will be looking at tires going by their front windows.

And if the traffic is ever stopped in front of their house, those passers-by might be looking into their windows. There is at least one home that now sits on top of a hill. They could have a rude awakening if they sleep-walk at night!

While I hate the disruption and what has happened to the community, it has made the roads more easily traveled during the 2014 and 2015 ice storms. Driving on the new sections of the widened road has been much smoother, and I know we all look forward to the completion of the new Friendship Road. Thank you to all who were responsible for seeing that we keep the road name.

Linda Harnishfeger

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