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Watch your taxes: Hall leaders spend money carelessly
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The year in review:

On Jan. 6, three excellent employees and one excellent county attorney found themselves terminated. Craig Lutz, Scott Gibbs and Ashley Bell spent excessive money hiring an interim law firm, and in four months time, the terminated law firm was rehired. It was apparent that Bell had a problem with former the board and Stewart, Melvin and Frost. When Lutz and Gibbs were elected, the three let power reign over good business management.

But it didn't stop there. Before we knew it, three more good people were gone. We know they were good; just look at the job Michaela Thompson landed.

Again, money was spent frivolously. Payroll was doubled for six months while we paid terminated employees and interim employees. Now, we might spend another $18,500 to hire an outside company to look for a county administrator if Jock Connell doesn't find someone from his contact list.

I have an idea! Just like we knew Bill Blalock was doing a great job, we also knew that Charlie Nix was doing a great job. Why don't we see if Nix might be interested in coming back?

It's time to get this county back on the right track, providing basic quality services and keeping the taxes in check. And prior to Jan. 6, we had commissioners and employees doing just that.

Remember, Hall County residents, since the government doesn't make money, it can only pay for these wasteful, power-hungry changes by increasing our taxes and fees or by cutting services.

Ellen Harris