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Universe debate misses fact that God can create something old
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Joan King tells Christian skeptics that we are purveyors of "bad science encouraged by bad politics," including our skepticism about man-made global warming, etc. But she really does not like the idea that God created the universe relatively recently. Here, she shows her ignorance of how to think carefully about her presuppositions.

Consider this: Jesus created OLD wine straight from water. The point is, God can easily create something that is already old.

In fact, He did so repeatedly. He created Adam and Eve as mature human beings. He created the soil in Eden as old soil, in the middle of the geologic rock cycle. The trees growing in that old soil were not seeds, but already trees mature enough to bear fruit.

Creationism usually supposes that God created the universe in the middle of life-giving and life-supporting processes, including cosmic rays from supernovas a hundred million light-years away, and so forth. In actual fact, the universe had to be old at creation, in order for any complex ecosystem to survive. Newly created, but already old. A mystery, I grant you.

Ms King, like other doctrine-driven liberals, simply will not consider that she may be wrong. She, like so many others, simply ASSUMES that because the universe looks old, it is old. Maybe so. On the other hand, maybe not. One cannot get the correct answer by just assuming the answer.

The key seems to be that she, like many other liberals, thinks that God cannot do something that she does not understand.

Bless her heart, but that's an awkward position. If God created the universe, then He could just as easily have created it in the middle of its "existence" as at any other time. Her problem seems to be that she wishes the whole question would go away, taking God and those fundamentalist Christian blockheads along with it.

WT "Ted" Hinds