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Theres more to life than arguing about politics; embrace family
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Let’s not put all our interest in politics; it’s going to be what it’s going to be. Don’t you think your family is more important than politics? Mine certainly is.

I can live without a president but I wouldn’t want to live without my family because I do need them. If I need help, they help me. Not the president; he helps himself.

Everyone is arguing over who is best for president. Stop and realize how important your family is. You do realize that don’t you?

My family is the most valued gift to me in this whole mixed-up world. So look around at your family and think about each member and what each one signifies. May we all stop arguing over politics and put our interest and love into our families. They need it, they deserve it, they want it. Now step up to the plate!

Carol Singleton

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