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Senators fail to oppose Obamas dangerous policy
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To Sens. Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss: It is bad enough that you remain silent concerning the egregious abuse of power that the Obama administration is perpetrating on the common citizenry.

About the complete destruction of the economy and the millions of jobs lost, mine included. And about the habitual lying from the White House, the Senate and Congress when it comes to what you propose to do to fix any of these problems.

Here’s my question: How can you be silent about what President Barack Obama has done right out in the open concerning Israel and the Middle East? He has destroyed the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt completely, tragically and knowingly. This has destabilized that region to its most dangerous time in history.

For you to sit by and not take a stand in defense of two of our staunchest allies in that part of the world is unconscionable. Either you are not aware of this danger, in which case you are inept, or you don’t care what happens as long as you have your Senate seat. In either case, you are not fit to occupy that seat.

I am starting a writing campaign to expose all of you do-nothing politicians to my fellow voters. Please, if there is a shred of dignity in you, resign or do not run for re-election; we have got to have elected leadership that does our bidding. It is time for real change, not rhetoric.

Jim Gorman