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Iran nuclear pact is a done deal despite debate in DC
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Don’t be fooled by the wrangling in D.C. about the Iran nuclear agreement; it is a done deal. It was done last spring when the U.S. House and Senate passed HR 1191, the Iran Nuclear Review Act, and President Barack Obama signed it into law. Although the Republicans and Democrats in Congress may feign objections to the agreement, that is all theater.

HR 1191 gave Obama the very powers he needed to bind the U.S. government, and all future presidents, to its terms. You are being fed horse manure. INRA was portrayed to the American people as a mechanism by which the U.S. Congress might prevent Obama from binding the U.S. government to an agreement that American people are overwhelmingly against. It set up a “heads Obama wins, tails Congress loses” rule in which the agreement is a foregone conclusion, in perpetuity. No future president can change this without another act of Congress, which the existing powers-that-be will not allow.

Obama can’t lose here. The agreement signers cannot lose here. The Republicans were in full charge of the INRA language. And that language cancels any and all existing statutory (legal) roadblocks preventing Obama from implementing the deal he wants with the Iranians, and binds all future presidents to that deal.

There are only three possible outcomes to the INRA rule, and Obama wins in all three: Congress favors the resolution with a joint resolution — Obama wins; all statutory sanctions canceled in perpetuity, Congress does not favor the agreement and passes a resolution of disapproval — Obama vetoes, Obama wins; all statutory sanctions canceled in perpetuity, Congress takes no action at all — Obama wins; all statutory sanctions canceled in perpetuity. Because Congress overwhelmingly gave Obama the powers he needed, all the time acting as if they disapprove of the Iran agreement, reasonable people can only conclude that those who voted for INRA either, 1. feign their disapproval of the Iran deal, or 2. were duped. I expect there are Congress members in both categories.

The debate concerning the Iran agreement is meaningless theater to occupy your mind. Obviously, there are ulterior motives to all of this.

Hank Sullivan

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