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Habersham Soup Kitchens get much help from community
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The Habersham Soup Kitchens Inc. would like to let readers know about the good kids we have in this area. Not only are a lot of them gracious and help volunteer for the feeding of our needy, but I must say that they have gone out of their way to be extra helpful with us in "feeding his sheep."

The Habersham High School had a food drive for the soup kitchen; it got the nonperishables and sorted the can goods so we could put them away on our shelves. Not only did they do that, but got together and delivered them to both of our soup kitchens. Now tell me that isn't something, especially through the help of a teacher, Patsy Bell. They have done this every year.

We also have to congratulate the Piedmont College for having a "Empty Bowl Fund" dinner. They made some delicious soup, put it in a bowl that the students made and the donations go into an empty bowl to go to the soup kitchen, while having a comedy stage play for after dinner for the enjoyment of all. How is that for a college group getting an A-plus from this association?

The Habersham Soup Kitchens Inc. thank all for their time and also for their time with the Thanksgiving dinner that we do annually on the Saturday before Thanksgiving at Clarkesville's Methodist Church. We fed approximately 160 hungry people. We are always in need for volunteers; if interested, please call 706-754-6539.

Hawk and Sharon Smessaert