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Gainesvilles residents can impose their will as active voters
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This letter is in response to the article, “Pushback on change” found in the July 8 issue of The Times.

The crux of the article had to do with the conflicting views of in-district voting vs. at-large voting. Although I sympathize with the position of GALEO and its members, I couldn’t help but notice the facts as given in the article:

1. Out of the 35,000 residents in Gainesville, 42 percent are Latino/Hispanic, 15 percent are African/American and 39 percent are Caucasian/white (apparently the remaining 4 percent are “others”).

So in short, 57 percent of Gainesville residents are non-Caucasian/white;

2. Out of 15,250 registered voters in Gainesville, 3,200 are Latino/Hispanic or almost 21 percent, 2,000 are African/American or a little more than 13 percent, with the remaining 10,050 being Caucasian/white and “others” or a little less than 66 percent.

When looking at the numbers, it would seem that there would be no need for any discussion on voting if the registered Latino/Hispanic voters reflected their presence in the community. At present, figures say otherwise.

In short, by increasing the number of registered Latino/Hispanic voters, you will have your say in the polls no matter what system of voting is in place. This would seem to be a reasonable way to address and fix the conflict; with enough votes you simply vote in your candidate.

Now, get to work and good luck.

Jack Broman

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