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Church forum did not refute holy scripture
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I write as one who serves a congregation in the Presbyterian Church USA to object to your bold and misleading heading for Dr. Tom Smiley’s letter in Friday’s paper. Though you correctly, I think, interpreted his intent, I view your heading as pejorative and inaccurate in describing the forum, which was held at Grace Episcopal Church last Wednesday night.

I was there; Dr. Smiley was not. The voices I heard were not the “subjective views of pseudo-intellectuals” who questioned the authority of God’s word. Rather, the voices I heard came from sincere clergy members who are seeking to know and understand the deep meaning of God’s Holy Word for them and for their respective congregations and/or their vocational callings.

I heard God’s word spoken in a reverent manner by each person on the podium. Moreover, though interpretations of scripture do differ among denominations and members of the clergy, the participants in the forum spoke to one another respectfully and lovingly.

In no way did they discount the authority of God’s word, as your bold headline implied!

The Rev. Joy White Pruett
Nacoochee Presbyterian Church, Gainesville

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