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Letter: Tax ‘reform’ pushed by Collins won’t trickle down any benefits for most

Using his franking privilege, Rep. Doug Collins has been sending me “propaganda” about the great things he is doing representing me and you. He recently voted in favor of a tax “reform” bill he thinks will be of great benefit to you and me. 

He is not old enough to really remember the Ronald Reagan “Trickle Down” economics tax cut in 1986. Rep. Collins was probably not yet earning enough income to tax when that bill became law. My wife and I are still waiting for the financial benefit from that law to trickle down. Reagan believed in “voodoo” economics.

He certainly remembers the Bush tax law passed in 2001. Seven years later, that law resulted in the Bush/Cheney recession. (It is widely known as the Great Recession, but there was nothing great about it, and it was the fault of Bush/Cheney policies.)

Rep. Collins will tell you that we will all benefit from the new law. As he believes that there will be a trickle down effect, he says we will all benefit financially. I wonder if he has calculated how much of the $1.44 trillion increase in the deficit you and I will have to pay to help cover the tax cut. It seems like we are robbing Peter to pay Doug!

Rep. Collins knows that you get what you pay for. His financial supporters also know, as they support his campaigns graciously. They will use part of the extravagant tax break they will get to increase their financial support. 

I’ll be advocating that folks in the 9th congressional district call the next recession, resulting in part from Collins’ support of the new tax law, the Trump/Collins Recession. We’ll be getting what we cannot pay for!

Frank Lock


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