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Letter: Society can’t pay people for their mistakes

Reading the paper this week, Gene Cobb’s letter struck a nerve. I can write a 6-inch thick book, on my feelings about the subject of his letter and people who are in what was called “poverty” by your writers. What we have is a broken system that rewards people for continuing to have children and live off “the system.” What we don’t have are self-respect, pride and integrity anymore. 

When a woman has a child and doesn’t marry the father she is given WIC and EBT cards (food stamps) as well as assistance for rent and usually child care. Essentially she is making more money than someone working for a living. That is fine until she gets on her feet and can work and make a way for herself and her child. What is NOT all right is for her to have a second, third and fourth child, and so on, and continue to live off the system all the while with her “man friend” living with her.

People wonder why rent is so high now and a lot of the housing is substandard. There are many reasons for it and I don’t have room here to get into all of them. What is not all right is the assistance given to immigrants, legal and illegal, who make a choice to come here just so they can get assistance. They come here and if they don’t already have a child, they immediately start a family because they know they will be “taken care of” by the government.

You see families walking around with three and four small children already and are pregnant again. Then when they get to the checkout, you see them separate their purchases by what EBT and WIC will pay for and what they pay for out of pocket. They then open a wallet of many hundred-dollar bills. You go to a restaurant to eat a meal and this same family is there ordering food you can’t even afford to order. 

I have no problem helping a single mother whose husband has walked away from his family and responsibility until she can help herself. I have no problem helping disabled people and elderly people. And by disabled, I mean actually disabled and not fakers. But in the end, our system has to stop paying people for their own mistakes and problems. It’s up to each person to take responsibility for themselves and their family. We did and so did many others who were raised to have pride and responsibility many years ago.

Nancy Gravitt


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