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Letter: Letter takes a Cold War view of liberals’ role in US politics

Response to “America is at a crossroads to decide its future:” Dick Biggs’ letter to the editor which appeared over the weekend was a well-written, if somewhat sprawling, indictment of the left.

We “misguided liberals” are compared to the communists of the Cold War and Antifa ruffians. He included a bullet list of ideas with which we are laying siege to America including same-sex marriage, reduced military strength and an intolerance for God. He goes on to praise President Donald Trump for more positive results already than Barack Obama had in “eight embarrassing years.”

His letter makes many more points than I can counter in my 500-word limit, but I would like to point out a few of the things that I am sure I misunderstood.

Dick points out we were founded on Judeo-Christian values. I wonder what values he is referring to? The commandment to love each other? The illegal aliens from Europe certainly did not show love to the indigenous people who lived on this continent, nor did they show much compassion to those brought here in slave ships from the African coast. 

Were we founded on the idea, found in the book of Acts, that we should share everything we have? No, for that would be the communism that America, and Mr. Biggs, with his service, fought so hard against. The multiple verses in the Bible that teaches us to be kind and open our homes to those from other lands perhaps? As a misguided liberal, I would like to know what passages from the Bible he is referencing.

I think I also need to address the military spending that Dick seems to think progressives hate so much. It is true that the military spending bill that President Trump just signed is higher than Obama ever spent on the military — by a whopping $6 billion, from $711 billion in 2011 to $717 billion now. But I remain unconvinced that the slight increase shows that the president loves the military that much more than his predecessor. Personally, I must admit, I would like to see some of that money used, together with our Judeo-Christian values, to house the approximately 40,000 homeless veterans in this country. We could buy each of them a $100,000 home for the cost of only $4 billion. I confess, my bleeding heart, misguided liberal values think that’s a better deal.

I would like to invite Dick Biggs to take another look at the progressives he chastises in his letter. He is not, as he once was, looking across the Iron Curtain at those who would destroy him. It’s obvious that he and I have different ideas about where America should be going, but it’s also obvious that the left, like the right, is not going anywhere. Accusing each other of being adversaries of America, saying that we abuse our right to free speech, as Mr. Biggs has done, only needlessly widens our divide. 

I hope he can appreciate that if we are naive and misguided that he should offer his guidance instead of his judgment.

Jeff Casper


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