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Letter: Just as moon put on a colorful show, each of us can do so in our own way
02022018 SUPERMOON
The Statue of Liberty is backdropped by a supermoon, Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018, seen from the Brooklyn borough of New York. The supermoon, which is the final of three consecutive supermoons, also experience lunar eclipse as it set over the horizon, but only a partial eclipse was visible in the East Coast. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

This week, the super moon gave the world a spectacular show on earth. The “red” and “blue” moon made it the largest, brightest and most colorful star performance of our time in more than a century and a half. The moon’s presence is a centerpiece of conversation for generations to come because of its walk through the sky.

People, like the super moon, must be allowed to make their contributions in this life to provide for themselves, their family, community and government without the fear of reprisal. Just as the moon appeared bigger, brighter and more colorful by the display, so will people as they deposit their gifts in this world order together.

The greatest gift given to a human being is life. And within every individual is a unique story that can only be told by that person. His or her life is formed and shaped by many people, places and things. The thing that makes life great is investment in one’s ability to bring a wealth of knowledge to the marketplace of opportunity.

Today, America is faced with economic suicide unless we tap into the richness of our youth and their talents and embrace diversity from all walks of life, for without them all, there is no light of day. 

I’m reminded that the strength of a person is in their youth, and the glory of a man is his gray hair. The statement seems to strongly suggest that not only is there energy housed within people in general, and youth in particular, it must be released into the open-air market for a quality life.

So as we embrace the days ahead, let us do so by inclusivity as the super moon, blue moon and red moon that others may shine brighter than the noonday sun.

The Rev. Evelyn Johnson


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