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Letter: Johnny Vardeman’s column helps us understand, appreciate our heritage
Johnny Vardeman

Recently I heard about a corporate executive hiring a college graduate who had great credentials and seemingly strong potential. The first day on the job the manager said to his impressive new hire, “One reason I chose you was because you have some of the qualities that made Winston Churchill such a strong leader.”

After a moment of silence and an expression of bewilderment, the new employee asked: “Who’s Winston Churchill?”

That’s rather tragic. Not knowing who helped shape and also preserve our cherished advantages means that we don’t know who to thank for what we have.

With that in mind, I suggest that every reader of The (Gainesville) Times benefits immeasurably from Johnny Vardeman’s column.

Every time, he answers some questions about people and places that we may have asked silently yet had no resource for discovering the answers.

Thanks, Johnny Vardeman, for telling us why this particular street carries its name, who pioneered a certain industry, how we triumphed over a deadly tornado in the 1930s, and which men and women contributed memorably to the development of Gainesville and northeast Georgia.

Your columns not only educate us, they boost gratitude for our rich heritage.

Bill Lampton


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Johnny Vardeman's columns publish Sundays and can be found under the columnists section online.

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