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Letter: Hall school superintendent and board should ask Mark Pettitt to resign following second DUI
Hall County Schools Office

When my husband and I decided to move our family to Hall County four years ago, our No. 1 concern was the quality of the schools.

After researching the area, we found that the school superintendent, Will Schofield, has a great record of helping the school system thrive. We also found that the local schools have quality, trustworthy teachers and good parent support.

Our children are only in elementary school, but so far the instruction and care they have received has been wonderful.
This week, The Times reported that our newly elected school board member, Mark Pettitt, was arrested on a DUI charge Dec. 15y.
This man already has a BUI, boating under the influence, on his record. Now, he has spent time in jail for a DUI.

He is 26 years old, has no children in the system and no formal background in education. Yet, he still has managed to rack up two charges for driving while drunk.
My family and I are appalled at this news. Mr. Pettitt has not even been sworn into office yet, and he is already trying to “restore” the public’s trust in him. He has shown that he is not ready for the responsibility of being on our school board.
I implore Mr. Schofield and the current school board members to ask Mr. Pettitt to resign his post. I also implore the Hall County commissioners who endorsed Mr. Pettitt, including Kathy Cooper, Billy Powell and Jeff Stowe, to formally ask Mr. Pettitt to step down. He has shown that his morals and trustworthiness do not measure up to the standards we expect here in Hall County.

I do not trust this person to be the judge of our teachers or of our school budget, or to help enforce the level of excellence we expect from our school system.
Leigh Miller

Flowery Branch

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