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Letter: Elected leaders should serve us instead of their own interests

Here’s a plan to return America to economic and political sanity: 

Create term limits for every elected politician to do what’s right instead of worrying about lucrative careers.

Discontinue salaries of the president, vice president and members of Congress until they balance the federal budget and stop runaway spending.

Make reduction of the national debt a top priority before America ends up like Greece and other socialist nations.

Reduce taxes and decrease regulation so employers will hire more people and create more tax revenue for debt reduction.

Change the U.S. tax code by adopting a consumption tax and axing the IRS.

Eliminate federal agencies such as Energy, Education, HUD, EPA, Amtrak and TVA, and impose hiring freezes on any not related to national security.

Change Social Security for people ages 45 and younger.

Scrap Obamacare, which is unsustainable and unaffordable.

Phase out the U.S. Postal Service, which loses billions annually.

Reduce dependence on foreign oil by tapping into vast national resources. 

Put a lifetime limit of 12 months for receiving food stamps and unemployment insurance.

Phase out welfare payments as an incentive for able-bodied people to collect unearned checks instead of working.

Make it illegal to attach “pork” expenditures to necessary legislation.

Secure our southern border and quit giving money and benefits to illegal immigrants.

Stop giving money to nations that aren’t loyal allies and use these funds to strengthen our military power in the fight against Islamic terrorism and other domestic threats. 

Cut funding for Planned Parenthood and any organization that perform abortions. 

Use Air Force One for essential travel only.

Oust all of the president’s worthless czars.

Ensure no government agency spends irresponsibly on meetings, including lavish inaugurations.

Do our elected politicians have the guts to act now? Our right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” hangs in the balance.

I guess it’s because either Democrats or Republicans in D.C. really don’t care who wins the upcoming election. It’s because they will still keep their high-paying jobs. No need to worry about Social Security when they retire, no need to worry about Medicare for themselves and spouses, no need to worry about high energy prices, no need to worry about gun control, and the list goes on and on.

We average Americans don’t have the perks our leaders have, and we certainly don’t have lobbyists knocking on our doors with sacks of cash for our public service. The country always survives: war, depressions, racism, natural disasters and bad choices for president. 

We are all Americans and share many of the same ideals, including fairness, making the world a better place, loyalty, passing on a better world to our children, providing for our families, respect and love of neighbor. Perhaps most of all, we need a political system that truly represents the voices of all people.

We want a right to live our life and pursue happiness and way we choose, as long as we don’t hurt other people and take their stuff. And the two political parties, that’s not what they’re about. They’re about taking power and controlling you. 

Charles Sawyer

Mount Airy

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