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Opinion: Why aren’t feminists crying out over these abusive men?
02012018 LETTER

As a 77-year-old woman, I am grateful for the improvement of the status of women in our country during my lifetime. However, I am wondering where all the feminists are now. 

For the past decade or so, many of the Black men who have been the cause celebre of the left have a criminal past of abusing the women with whom they have been intimate. 

Have feminists taken up the cause of the victims of these men? No. They just repeat the mantra of the currently reigning lords and masters, "No need for bail, no need for jail." 

It seems that the freedom of men takes precedence over the safety of women and children, as the deaths in Waukesha, Wisconsin, last November so tragically demonstrate — as does the immigration (illegal and otherwise) of men from parts of the world who consider women who traverse freely in public as fair game for assault.

Frances Fite