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Opinion: We should work together to make life better for all

I am proud of the privilege you gave me to serve on the Lula City Council for 20 years. I am also proud to know that we have leaders such as our mayor, our city councilmen and women and our city manager as well as our city clerk and all others such as our city code officer. These folks are not elected to rule and punish but to do all they can to help our city become the best place to live and prosper. They are all also in a position to help the homeless or anyone else who needs advice and help in city-related matters.

I hope we all carefully consider how we communicate our concerns and questions even if we disagree. Honest people differ but they can communicate effectively their concerns in such a way that everyone wins. To all of our city officials, regardless of the positions they hold, and to all of the citizens of Lula, please entertain the following suggestions in encountering the homeless people in our area. It is not our first duty to harm or disparage the homeless but to find and suggest ways to hear and understand what we can do to help make their lives better so we all can live in peace and prosperity. We all can become better listeners so we can take the necessary steps to try and bring about a brighter life than they have had in the past.

I also suggest that we help the homeless find places of residency. Low rent housing is made available in some cities. And transportation to a job site is crucial.

If we do these things, we will be blessed for our efforts to help others just as we would like to be helped if we were in the same situation. None of us is promised tomorrow or a road paved with prosperity. It is easy to judge when we have all we need, but even if it is not raining at your place now, it certainly could be some day. And when the storms of life hit, we all need a certain shelter. That is what God has asked us to do: to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God.

When facing the storms we can ask ourselves, “What is in your hands?” The homeless, as well as all people regardless of their personal situations, should try to find people and places that can help in challenging times. City municipalities should list avenues and opportunities making this information available. Taking the first step is always the hardest, but with each next step we are all closer to our goal of making life better for everyone. Take care and God bless you all!

Mordecai Wilson


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