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Opinion: We must be informed about climate change so we can adapt

The June 9-10 edition of The Times included a column by John Stossel. The theme was Facebook censors, and the topic was the climate crisis. Stossel begins by indicating that the video he released includes climate scientists indicating that people can adjust to changing temperatures. 

Well, everyone reading this does that every year as our earth rotates through the seasons! What humans are unable to adapt to is the increasing climate energy we have begun to experience as a result of the damage we have done to our planet by using our atmosphere as a sewer. 

The problem is that Stossel does not understand climate energy nor how it relates to increasing temperatures. I am sure that Stossel does not know what a temperature measurement indicates. It does not indicate how hot something is!

Stossel wrote “people are terrified” about the climate crisis due to climate alarmism. Since March 2019, I have made nearly 50 climate crisis presentations to groups ranging in age from 12 to 80. No one has been frightened as a result. 

I inform people so they can adapt to the changes in our climate we have begun to experience and understand as measures are taken to mitigate the effects of dumping 110 million tons of climate-changing carbon dioxide into our atmosphere every day.

What Stossel and all climate deniers should do is work to protect all of us against the potential overwhelming challenges we face.

Frank Lock