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Opinion: Vandalizing veterans monuments is cowardly
05122021 veterans 2
Parks staff found graffiti May 11, 2021, on monuments at Rock Creek Veterans Park in Gainesville. Photo courtesy Gainesville Parks & Recreation.

Let’s face facts. If you are vandalizing veterans’ monuments you are a coward. 

You can call yourself woke, a part of cancel culture that has some kind of message, but at the end of the day you’re a coward. 

These men and women from Hall County served our country with honor and deserve to be remembered. Communists and vandals will always fall short and will never measure up to the men and women who serve. Communism utilizes a groups of useful idiots to vandalize and try to erase history. 

It’s obvious that some people have a lot of free time sitting around collecting a check all day. If you are finally woke from your nap, perhaps you can help at a local food bank or shelter. You can clean the litter that is strewn along the highway or volunteer at the humane society. 

Perhaps you might do little research on the communist propaganda that encourages you to smear veterans. Perhaps, even think for yourself for once. If this is called being woke, perhaps you should go back to sleep.

Leave our veterans and their monuments alone.

Barry Colbaugh


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