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Opinion: Trump’s presidency was failed experiment
11182020 Trump
President Donald Trump speaks at the White House, Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020, in Washington. Although only a few of America's CEOs have made public statements about President Trump's refusal to accept his election loss, many are worried about it in private.

Without fail, every 30 days a Mr. Dick Biggs, on the Opinion page of The Times, feels compelled to trot out virtually every time-worn, simplistic and discredited political and economic argument of the Trumpian far right, not to mention directing derogatory comments towards “sleepy, incompetent” Joe Biden and “socialist” Democrats. Sadly, he has not come to grips with the fact that all things Trump were overwhelmingly rejected by the 2020 election.

The 2020 election was absolutely a referendum on Trump. A clear majority of Americans and, yes, even Georgians saw the Trump presidency as a cancer eroding the health of our society and political process. How could the almost criminal malfeasance of handling the COVID outbreak, the attempt to literally steal the election by twisting the arms of officials, and encouraging a violent mob to invade the heart of American democracy, the U.S. Capitol, be ignored, as well as his pathological lying and vindictiveness.

Unfortunately, the foolishness and irresponsibility of Trumpism continue to fester in some segments of our society. For example, a recent University of Chicago study reveals that 21 million American adults are not opposed to some form of violence to restore Donald Trump to the presidency, based on their belief that the election was stolen. There is no doubt that Trump is a factor in a large percentage of Americans refusing to get vaccinated in face of the disastrous COVID pandemic. There is nothing principled about such willful ignorance and stubbornness.

Mr. Biggs will not acknowledge the daunting task facing Joe Biden after his inauguration. It is not unlike what Obama faced in 2009 after the 2007-08 financial debacle on George Bush’s watch. This time both the economy and our health are in dire straits. Any reasonable person would recognize the immense efforts that the Biden administration has taken to address the myriad issues left behind by the actual “do nothing” president: Trump.

Unfortunately, President Biden has had to face the relentless opposition of the Trumpers. Republicans seem to be opposed to any measure that would benefit all of society, like addressing environmental deterioration, overhauling the health care system, infrastructure renewal, tax reform and the like. When, we the people, elect Trump sycophants like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Andrew Clyde and their ilk to Congress, it is almost impossible for constructive steps to be taken by Congress.

Trump was a failed experiment in our political history. He was supposed to be different: drain the swamp, etc. But it was a Trumpian con, which is nothing new. Trump has been a notorious con man his entire life and continues to be. He absolutely had no capacity to be president; he basically acted on ignorance, self promotion and impulse his entire presidency. It really is time to move past Trump and all of his stupid inclinations. And it really would be good if people would support President Biden in his efforts to restore America from the disastrous Trump presidency.

Jim Grattan