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Opinion: Trump should be on trial for treason, with his life at stake
Trump Jan 2020
President Donald Trump reacts after speaking during a campaign rally at the Huntington Center, Thursday, Jan. 9, 2020, in Toledo, Ohio. - photo by Associated Press

As the world ponders our nation's Middle East policies, the United States will soon hold a trial to determine the immediate fate of President Donald Trump. The Senate trial seeks no financial penalty, jail time or probation. The outcome, determined by political jury, will either remove the president or affirm him as a suitable leader. 

That trial wrongs our nation. The soft-pedaled charges from the House fail to grasp justice. To serve justice, I say President Donald Trump should be on trial for his life on the charge of treason.  

Treason, defined in law, is giving aid and comfort to a county’s enemies by one who owes it allegiance during a time of war. In our country, with troops engaged in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, we are at war. With the drone strike and Iranian retaliation, we cannot deny the warring status we maintain. We last declared a war in 1942, labeling Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania as equal to Nazi Germany in military threats to our troops. These three countries, so honored by Roosevelt with a declaration of war, were never invaded by the U.S. using the modern definition of “boots on the ground.” Other than strategic bombing raids by U.S. planes, these countries fought Russia on the Eastern Front.  

By action, we define crimes, not imagination. We have invaded and stationed troops in many countries since 1942 without a presidential or congressional declaration of war. War by any other name kills our people, and theirs, allocates our food and energy to the business of killing on foreign soil, and causes all Americans that suffering which comes with mourning young lives cut short and the lasting battle scars borne by war veterans.  

We are at war in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan with greater commitments than the WWII efforts to defeat Hungary, Bulgaria or Romania. That fact cannot be denied. However, we are equally engaged with Russia as it gives “aid and comfort” to our enemies that do kill the troops wearing those “boots on the ground.” Those facts cannot be denied. 

President Donald Trump, several times, aided Russian interference. In Syria by withdrawing our troops. In the Ukraine, by denying military aid to our allies. And, by declaring false, the factual interference of Russia in our sovereign elections.  

We are at war in other countries, defending our interests in democracy and self-determination. Our enemies align themselves by supplying money, men and technology used to kill our troops and deny our goal to protect freedom.  

In President Donald Trump’s giving of aid and comfort to Russia and its leaders, he committed treason, witnessed by the world. He should be on trial for his life, not his job. 

Michael W. Parker

Flowery Branch