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Opinion: Time for elected officials to get back to work for ‘We the People’

Today’s political discourse seems to center around “woke” and “MAGA”

Google “woke” and you get all sorts of descriptions of the term. MAGA at least used to mean “Make America Great Again.” I always thought America was great. I believe it can be even greater. MAEG? But tossing around woke and MAGA like verbal hand grenades doesn’t help. Quite the opposite. It divides us. It brings about the worst in us.

But tossing these verbal bombs around in speeches and Twitter posts is way easier than actual problem-solving.

My longtime and dear friend Sen. Al Simpson was close friends with Sen. Ted Kennedy. Political opposites, but as Al told me, “We can’t afford to go home mad at each other. We have dinner plans with our wives that night.”

President Ronald Reagan and House Speaker Tip O’Neill took a similar approach. They most times worked to find middle ground. Like with Sens. Simpson and Kennedy, neither got everything they wanted, but ultimately what they cared most about was “We the People.” Us folks who live on Main Street USA.

Ah, the good old days.

Too often these days it’s all about finger-pointing, Twitter blasts and yelling at each other. No one wins, of course. Sadly, everyone loses.

“We the People” expect more. We deserve better. It’s not too late. Or is it? I close with two words for those elected to serve us: grow up.

Brian Olson