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Opinion: Something must be done about wait at driver services building
11012018 DRIVER 003.JPG
Customers walk into the Department of Driver Services on Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018. - photo by Austin Steele

On Wednesday, April 28, 2021, my grandson and I went to the DMV in Gainesville for him to get a picture ID made for work. We could not make an appointment as they were only taking those for the drivers test. 

We arrived at 8 a.m., when they open and the line was already all around the front and completely down the side. We had no choice but to get in line. 

Long story short, we waited in that line outside for four hours until we got to the front door where we could go inside. Once inside we waited an additional two and a half hours to be called. Took about 5 minutes to complete the transaction. 

One of the workers there said “they won’t hire more people because of no funds.” 

This, to me, is a travesty. Something is very wrong here! There are 16 windows inside where you are helped. At no time was there ever over three people available — never. Mostly two. Someone help!

Joyce Carithers Mashburn


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