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Opinion: Socialism isn’t the end of the world
Venezuela Chavez
A woman holds a sign with a photo of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during a rally Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020, commemorating the 31st anniversary of the 1989 uprising known as the Caracazo, in Caracas, Venezuela. - photo by Associated Press

I've noticed a lot of fear-mongering and saber-rattling in the letters of some readers, including Tom Day and Mike McConnell. These readers want you to believe if Bernie Sanders is elected president, then we will instantly become a dictatorship and citizens would be enslaved to an evil socialist government. That's a big load of hooey! 

These people apparently forget that our Congress and Senate will continue to play their roles in charting the direction we take in the future. We must remember the same fear-mongering noises were made years ago when the United States implemented Social Security and the limited form of Medicare that seniors enjoy today. And guess what? The sky didn't fall and things actually got better for millions of Americans.

Bernie Sanders' popularity reflects the concerns of a large segment of the population that is unable to afford the health care and medication their families need due to ridiculously high costs for health insurance. On the other hand, the "political elite" in the U.S. Congress have excellent health care provided by the government.

President Trump promised to repeal and replace Obamacare, but after almost four years Republicans have done nothing except enact laws to defund Obamacare, which makes the insurance even more expensive. The result is insurance quotes for coverage are now so expensive they are just a bad joke. 

Meanwhile Republicans have sat on their hands and done nothing to create a real replacement for Obamacare that covers everyone as President Trump promised. Guys, you've had plenty of time to honor that promise, so don't complain when the masses throw you out.

I would remind Tom Day and his "brother patriots" the side that lost the U.S. Civil War was the group that tried to separate from the Union of states governed by the legitimately elected U.S. president. That's something to think about before inciting or suborning treason and secession with foolish loose talk.

And finally, a note to those who point to Cuba and Venezuela and warn us this is what awaits if we elect Bernie Sanders: The economies of Cuba and Venezuela would be just as robust as the economy of Communist China if only we treated them the same way we treat China. 

We have made China our No. 1 trading partner, while on the other hand we've enacted cruel, punishing sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela that have crippled their economies. 

The sanctions we have applied against Venezuela have caused mass starvation and displacement and should be considered a war crime. Our policies are not logical but instead are governed by profit, greed, arrogance and a strategic desire to control the natural resources of other states that rightly belong to the people of those countries. 

So, we have tried to overthrow the government of Venezuela and have enacted sanctions that starved the Venezuelan people primarily because Venezuela has the largest known reserves of crude oil in the world. It's time for change.

Bruce Vandiver