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Opinion: Seniors deserve better: Protect Medicare Part D
09042020 SICK 4.jpg
McElveen's Pharmacy owner David Stanley works behind the counter filling prescriptions Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020, at his Thompson Bridge Road pharmacy. Stanley is preparing for the coming flu season by stocking plenty of flu vaccines. - photo by Scott Rogers

At 90 years old, I have been using my Medicare Part D plan for decades now, and hearing that Congress is considering repealing certain critical provisions of it has me incredibly concerned. I have relied on this plan and all of its provisions to cover my medical costs for the many medications that manage my high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation and fused vertebrae. 

Yet, Congress is trying to interject in health care by introducing price-setting policies that could limit my access to medication under Medicare. 

Specifically, Congress has plans to repeal the part of Medicare Part D that gives patient protections and limits government interference in setting prices for our medicines. If this were to happen, seniors and people with disabilities might have access to their important medications severely limited. 

Everybody’s needs are different, and Medicare Part D, as it stands now, accounts for it. Congress cannot ignore the needs of the people and implement price setting as millions of Americans could lose out on what they need. 

Ladell Reynolds