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Opinion: Scouting is a great activity for youngsters
Boy Scouts

Scouting with the Boy Scouts of America is an extremely good activity for your children. It promotes independence while also teaching your kid important life and survival lessons. 

In scouting, you learn about knots, nature, first aid, and much more. There are even merit badges that allow for more specific and in-depth looks at various topics. There are over 100 merit badges, including swimming, cycling, cooking, communication, welding, plumbing, and more. 

Since troops are scout-led, they teach the members leadership and the importance of cooperation. In scouting, or at least my troop, we go on monthly outings or events. On these events we usually go camping and learn about several things. These outings can be very versatile and can focus on teaching, having fun, or both. You can gain a merit badge, or maybe just hang out with your friends. 

There are also scout summer camps where you participate in merit badge classes over the course of a week. Scouting has been around for some time now and continues to be a beneficial and fun activity for young boys and girls.

Nate Frazier

Flowery Branch