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Opinion: Nation blind in the headlights of socialism

I was driving down Interstate 85 about dusk last night. I saw a whitetail deer standing on a rise about 30 yards off the road.  She was staring at the headlights coming up the highway. Mesmerized by the bright lights.

The scene reminded me of what is happening in the United States right now.  Many are staring into the bright light of socialism, attracted by the dreams of “free” everything, unaware of the destruction that awaits when they pursue those dreams.  Unaware that their freedom of life will be lost in the pursuit of the non-existent socialist utopia.  Unconscious of the fact that the oligarchs who are encouraging their pursuit are the very ones who will steal their freedom and rape their future.

I prayed for that deer as I pray for this nation.  Please, Lord, protect them from their own ignorance and guide them in the paths of righteousness.

Tom Day


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