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Opinion: Music Midtown article misleading on guns
Music Midtown
Billie Eilish performs on stage during Day 2 of Music Midtown 2019 in Atlanta, Sept. 15, 2019. The cancellation of the major music festival has ignited a new fight over Georgia gun laws. Live Nation has refused to say why it abruptly called off September 2022’s Music Midtown festival. (Photo by Paul R. Giunta/Invision/AP, File)

In The Times Aug. 12-13 issue on page 6A, the headline of an article by Sudhin Thanawala of the Associated Press stated that the Music Midtown festival was canceled over gun rights. If you read the article, you can see that is an assumption presented by the news outlets as the presenter Live Nation actually did not say why they canceled the festival. 

In the sixth paragraph, the article states that “Kemp was the key backer of a new state law this year that eliminated the need for a license — and with it, a background check — to carry a handgun in public.” This is not correct. Background checks are still required when purchasing from a licensed gun dealer, as they have been in the past. If anything, the law will stop more unqualified buyers because, in the past, if you already had a carry license, a background check was not required. If you do not have a carry license, a background check will be required for each purchase. 

Private gun sales have never required a background check. It may be a good idea to encourage/implement that if possible. 

Please try not to publish articles with assumptions and incorrect information. This article was clearly written to stir up controversary over the gun laws instead of informing the public that Music Midtown was canceled and attempting to find out the real reason.

Nancy Turner