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Opinion: Maybe Founding Fathers would have cheered Jan. 6
Capitol protest
With the Washington Monument in the background, people attend a rally in support of President Donald Trump near the White House on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

In the letters in the Jan. 5-6 edition of The Times concerning the Jan. 6 attack on our democracy, one writer states that "our 246-year-old constitution won." To this we say that if those men who wrote that constitution could have looked down the line of time and witnessed that (Jan. 6) attack, as well as all the insane and blatantly vulgar stuff that's being passed within the "sacred halls" of our great democracy, they might have been cheerleaders instead of critics. Have you ever thought about it that way?

Our great nation would have been so much better off with a continued administration of the Trump criminals than with this administration of Biden criminals. (I here pass the responsibility for these allegations of criminality on to the concerned news agencies). 

So by now you've probably already guessed that I'm a Trump voter but not necessarily a Trump fan. And so, as always, the political road forks before us. 

The Trump voters wanted national independence (the right fork) while the Biden voters wanted national interdependence (the left fork), so it seemed. National interdependence will lead to a national demise sooner or later.

And so, may our mighty lord and savior Jesus Christ who is "the head of all principality and power" enlighten the minds of all these benighted leftists and put them on the right road now. He's done it before and he can do it again. He is the great moralist in Chief.

Roger Corn