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Opinion: Liberal agendas are nonsensical
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Many liberals can’t logically defend their radical agenda. Consequently, they attack their opponents. Common sense, civility, debate and truth don’t matter.

These irresponsible people are obsessed with absolute power, political correctness, culture eradication and a hypocritical intolerance for cooperation and courteous conversation. Alas, the biased, dishonest media and big tech companies are willing co-conspirators. Some examples of liberal nonsense include:

Condoning open borders is a preposterous policy, but opponents are “xenophobic and inhumane.” Some of these illegal aliens are drug dealers, human traffickers and people who’ve tested positive for COVID-19. That’s inhumane.

Canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline, slashing thousands of jobs, losing our energy independence and embracing the unaffordable “Green New Deal” are foolish notions, but opponents are “climate change deniers.” 

Raising taxes and increasing federal regulations are destructive economic ideas, but opponents are chastised for championing smaller government and greater liberties. 

Eliminating private health insurance companies and implementing a single-payer, government-run health care system extinguishes competition and ensures rationed medical services, but opponents are “heartless.” News flash: the federal government struggles with the solvency of the VA, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security — programs mostly for the elderly — so how is “free” health care financially feasible for the masses? 

Sabotaging our “we the people” republic and replacing it with socialism is an evil scheme that has failed again and again, but opponents are out-of-touch conservatives “clinging to their guns and religion.” 

Coddling the LBGTQ community, which embraces same-sex “marriage,” men becoming “women,” women becoming “men” and other bizarre behaviors, is political pandering to about 5% of the population (recent Gallup poll), but opponents are “homophobic and transphobic.” 

Supporting federally funded abortion-on-demand disrespects the sanctity of life and crushes the “pursuit of happiness” for the unborn, but opponents are demonized for obstructing women’s “health care” and fighting to repeal Roe vs. Wade.

Appeasing Iran, Russia, China, North Korea and other tyrannical nations is a dangerous, illogical strategy, but opponents are “warmongers” and “anti-peace.” 

Approving a minimum wage of $15 per hour will generate job losses and it certainly won’t “lift people out of poverty,” but opponents are “greedy capitalists” — the same business owners who create millions of jobs. 

Touting “equality of outcomes for all” is an entitlement tenet that clashes with free enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit, but opponents are “racists.” America is a land of unlimited opportunity, but hard work and perseverance determine individual outcomes. 

Defunding police departments and disrespecting law enforcement personnel are stupid, uncivil and perilous actions, but opponents are “white supremacists” and “bigots.”

Tampering with the U.S. Supreme Court, Electoral College, voting laws and other proven practices are nonsensical thoughts, but opponents are “traditionalists” adhering to the U.S. Constitution.

If you think far-left beliefs are in the best interests of America, then why is our national dissension and disunity at its worst level since the Civil War? It’s because the conservative values of our Founding Fathers are succumbing to a secular worldview that wants to replace a God-fearing, law-abiding republic with totalitarianism.

Dick Biggs


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