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Opinion: How sad to ignore world’s wonderful spectrum
WeHo Pride Parade

I feel truly sad for the recent letter writer who is apparently only capable of seeing our marvelous, diverse world through a restrictive, limiting worldview that strips everything down to a “binary” sense — his words. 

How sad to be threatened so much by anything different from one’s own experience as to be reduced to denying its existence and to try to force others into one’s own narrow, black-and-white universe. 

From the principles of quantum physics to the electromagnetic spectrum to the human experience, there is a multitudinous, continuous spectrum of states of being. If you want to live in a binary system, go right ahead, and I pity you. 

Don’t force your wretched, pitiable worldview on other people or on our wonderful, natural, nonbinary world. Oh, and happy Pride Month, y’all!

Judy Kreps